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Monthly Inspection and Maintenance Overview 

The following is an overview of the monthly route maintenance offered by DL Companies. 
Other services can be added to monthly inspections based upon client-specific needs.

  • Lights (Interior/Exterior) Replace Bulbs/ Ballasts 
  • Clean Lenses 
  • Pole Lights 
  • Restrooms (Inspect/Repair/Replace) 
  • Faucets Toilets Sinks
  • Doors (Inspect/Repair/Replace) Adjustment- prevent dragging 
  • Winterization 
  • Waterproofing
  • Hinges/Latches/Locks
  • A/C Filters (Inspect/Replace) 
  • Ceiling Tiles (Inspect/Replace) 
  • Counters (Inspect/Repair) 
  • Parking Lot Signs (Inspect/Repair) 
  • Litter (Removal)

Minor repairs/replacements will be performed during the monthly inspection. 
Other projects (including carpentry) will be evaluated and submitted for approval. 
No mark-ups for supplies (parts, bulbs, etc.).
Repairs may be delayed due to part availability.
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